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How To Setup Whatsapp Notifications

To set up WhatsApp notifications on Floatchat, follow these steps: #


  1. Open the Floatchat application and navigate to the Settings section.
  2. Look for the Integrations option and click on it.
  3. In the Integrations menu, find and select WhatsApp.
  4. To use WhatsApp template messages, you’ll need to create templates for different use cases.
  5. Template messages are pre-approved message templates that can be text-based, media-based, or interactive.
  6. Log in to your WhatsApp account and go to the Templates section.
  7. Click on the “Add Template” button to create a new template.
  8. Provide a name for your template and select the appropriate category, language, and template type.
  9. Depending on the template type, you can configure the message content.
  10. For standard templates, you can add a text message and submit it for approval.
  11. Media and interactive templates allow you to add headers, bodies, footers, and buttons.
  12. The header can be text, an image, a video, or a document.
  13. In the body section, you can include your text message, emojis, and variables to personalize the content.
  14. The footer can be used for adding a small note, your company name, or a signature.
  15. Buttons can be added as calls-to-action, redirecting users to specific pages on your website, or as quick reply buttons.
  16. Once you have created your template, click on “Preview and Submit” to review it.
  17. In the preview screen, you can see how your message will look. If you’ve used variables or media in your template, make sure to provide sample values.
  18. For media URLs, you can upload the image, document, or video in the respective nodes provided by Floatchat and obtain a URL to add as a sample value.
  19. Finally, submit your template for approval.


By following these steps, you can set up WhatsApp notifications on Floatchat and create pre-approved message templates for different use cases.

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