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How To Set up Discount pop-ups

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Conversion triggers in Floatchat can help engage your customers by displaying discount pop-ups based on their activities.

Sure! Setting up Conversion Triggers For Your Store #

In Floatchat, a conversion trigger consists of the following elements:

– Goal: The objective you want to achieve as a store owner, such as showing a promo code to a visitor.

– Event: The specific action or event that will trigger the pop-up, such as removing a product from the cart or exit intent.

– Launch Conditions: The conditions that determine when the trigger should be initiated, such as the number of days since the event or the device type (desktop, mobile, tablet).

– Trigger Experience: A demo display of the trigger you have configured.

2.1) Creating Your First Trigger

To set up a trigger in Floatchat, follow these steps:

2.3) Configuring the Trigger

When configuring a trigger, you need to select a goal and an event for the trigger to be shown. Floatchat offers several event options, including:

– Visitor lands on a page

– Visitor removes a product from the cart

– Visitor adds a product to the cart

– Visitor exits the page

– Visitor spends X seconds on the page

– Page scrolled

2.5) Selecting the Page Type

You can choose the page type for which you want to trigger the pop-up. The options include “Any” to trigger the pop-up on all pages, “Product pages,” “Collection pages,” or you can specify a specific page URL.

2.6) Setting the Callout Message

After configuring the conditions, you can define the callout message that will be shown to the visitor when the trigger is initiated. This is where you can add the discount code or promotional offer. Make sure to save the changes.

2.7) Discount codes have to be set up in your Shopify admin console. You can access the discount codes in the Discount Section

Note: Floatchat allows a maximum of 7 triggers per account. If you have overlapping triggers, the trigger with a higher priority will be displayed. You can set the priority by dragging the triggers above or below each other.

Remember to add the discount code setup on the Floatchat portal and save the changes.

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any further questions.

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