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How To Add Faqs

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) are pre-defined responses to common customer queries. #


For eCommerce, we provide a ready template that you can access here. Create a copy of this document and customize the responses according to your store.

Once you have edited the FAQs, you can add them to your chatbot by downloading and importing the provided CSV file. To upload the FAQs, navigate to the Intelligence section, select FAQs, and click on the “Upload FAQ” option.

Enabling voice bots

After uploading, you will be able to view and manage the FAQs on the designated page. You can edit, add, or delete FAQs as needed.

To add FAQs individually, click on the “Add FAQ” button. Provide query variations and corresponding responses for each FAQ.
To enhance the bot’s response accuracy, you can utilize response training. This feature allows you to improve the bot’s ability to handle user queries effectively.

Configure business hours annd store policies (1)

In the user message section, you can observe the bot’s response, which can be either a predefined path or an FAQ. If the bot encounters a query it cannot answer, it will trigger the “Default message” path. You can train the bot to handle such queries and enhance its responses.


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