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How to Add Agents and Use Live Chat

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Introduction #

Users can connect with your brand through various channels such as the web, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, or any other messaging platform. You can manage all these conversations using the FloatChat inbox.

Adding Agents #

To add agents, go to the Settings section and select Live Chat. You also have the option to enable video conversations, allowing you to have face-to-face interactions with your customers without using third-party meeting invites.

Customize your channel settings and add team categories.

Next, add your team members to handle queries. Simply click on “Add team member,” choose a role, provide a name and email ID, and assign channels and categories. Finally, click on “Invite member” to send the invitation.

You can also edit categories, channels, and delete team members as needed.

OneView for Shopify #

Agents using FloatChat can access various features through the OneView inbox, including order history, order status, and the ability to create returns.


This integration with Shopify allows for seamless management of customer inquiries.

Agents can also view and update the user’s phone number and shipping address through OneView. Additionally, they can utilize prompts to trigger pre-built paths from the chatbot, enhancing productivity.

Intents and Sentiments #

FloatChat’s chatbot has the ability to capture user intents and sentiments during conversations. The sentiment is determined based on the latest conversation and can be categorized as positive, neutral, or negative. The chatbot can capture intents such as payment inquiries, order inquiries, price inquiries, promotions inquiries, delivery inquiries, out-of-stock inquiries, cancel and refund requests, purchase inquiries, and return and exchange requests.

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