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Form Node

The Floatchat platform provides two nodes for collecting user data: the Form node and the Request User Data node. The Form node allows you to gather data from users in a structured manner, with additional options for validation. Here’s a breakdown of the features of the Form node:


1. Title:

This is a mandatory field where you can enter a title for the form. The title will be displayed at the top of the form as a heading.

Additional Information: In this section, you can add a description or any additional information about the form. This helps users understand the purpose of the form.

2. Display Fields:

You can add up to 10 display fields within a single Form node. There are five types of attributes supported:

i) Text:

This attribute type accepts various types of text input. You can even apply custom regex formats for text validation.

ii) Number:

The number attribute type only accepts numerical inputs. You can choose from three predefined conditions for validation.

iii) Email:

The email attribute type only accepts valid email addresses. You can choose between two basic validation types: Allow and Restrict Domains. Additionally, you can apply custom regex for email validation.

iv) Phone Number:

The phone number attribute type accepts numerical inputs. You can use predefined validations or define your own custom regex. The form also provides a dropdown for selecting the country code.

v) Date:

The date attribute type only accepts dates. You can set conditions such as

  • Before
  • Between
  • After

to validate the date input.

vi) List:

The list attribute type presents a dropdown with static options.

You can add multiple options and assign attribute values for each option. Multi-select functionality can be enabled for the dropdown.


The user’s selection can be accessed using the attribute name and “.value” (e.g., {{gender.value}}).

3. Continue and Skip Flow: #

You have the option to enable skipping for the form, allowing users to proceed without providing the requested data.

Note: All text fields within the form can be translated, except for the attribute fields.

These features are provided by the Floatchat platform to facilitate efficient data collection and validation from users.

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