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1. Introduction #

The Floatchat APIs provide a way to integrate with the platform and create custom functionalities. These APIs are REST-based and use JSON as the standard response format.


2. Authentication #

To authenticate API calls, Floatchat APIs use basic authentication with API Keys. You can generate API Keys by navigating to Integration > Floatchat APIs Settings and creating an app. You can revoke or regenerate API Keys as needed. Make sure to include the API Key in the Authorization header of your API calls as follows:

“Authorization”: “Basic <API Key>”


3. API Endpoints #

The following are the supported API endpoints along with their parameters and sample responses. You can find the customer identifier and bot key details required for the APIs in the Developer Settings section of the Floatchat portal.

Base URL for the APIs:


3.1 Get matching users #

This API retrieves a list of users that match the specified attribute values.

Required parameters for this API call:

– attribute_name: The name of the user attribute.

– attribute_value: The value of the user attribute.

Possible error codes for this API call:

– 401: Unauthorized

– 403: Forbidden

– 404: Not Found

– 500: Server-side API failure


3.2 Retrieve chat history for a user #

This API retrieves the chat history between a bot and a user based on the specified parameters.

Please note that additional API endpoints and functionalities are available. For more information, refer to the Floatchat API documentation.

If you have any further questions or need assistance, please reach out to


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