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1.Introduction #

Floatchat provides the Filter FAQ functionality, which allows users to limit the category or categories of FAQs addressed within a specific path. By incorporating this feature into a bot, the bot’s responses to unstructured questions can be improved. In certain use cases, a bot builder may want to restrict the category of FAQs addressed within a particular path.

2.Steps to Implement #

To implement the Filter FAQ functionality in Floatchat, follow these steps:


3. Functionality #

The FAQ Filter node allows you to limit the queries and responses that the NLP resolution engine considers when resolving a user query to a specific set of categories. This functionality utilizes the categories that you have already defined for your FAQs. You can edit the categories of the FAQs or add/rename previously defined categories as needed.

The FAQ Filter is particularly useful when you have similar trained queries but different responses based on different services, products, roles, or any other categorizations. For instance, in an internal HR chatbot, intents and actions can be controlled and made accessible based on an employee’s role or designation.

To implement this functionality, you can place the Filter FAQ node at the point where category selection is typically made. Within the node, you can select the desired category or multiple categories to restrict the FAQs to. You also have the option to reset the filters by selecting the blank category or choosing “ALL” from the dropdown. When the execution reaches the node with these settings, any previously applied filters will be cleared.

Note: The default category will always be searchable and unaffected by the filters. This ensures that a category is available to handle common queries for the bot and allows for flows where the filters can be reset.

If you have any further questions or need assistance, please feel free to contact us.

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