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A crucial factor in the customer support business is to know the feedback of the end-users, this not only provides the data to improve but also helps focus on providing better solutions.


Functioning #

Floatchat provides multiple interactive ways of getting this information.

i) Rating Type 

1. Stars


You can configure the scale to

  • 1-5 stars
  • 1-10 stars

2. Emojis 


You can configure it on the scale to

  • 3 emojis
  • 5 emojis

ii) Feedback prompt – This message will be displayed above the options that would prompt the user to provide their feedback.

iii) Post Feedback prompt – This message will be displayed once the user has provided their feedback.

User Feedback – Each and every rating emojis or stars have a score related to them.

The feedback provided by the users will be stored in an attribute known as {{}} that would have scores related to them.

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