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Enabling data formatting

1. Introduction #

Formatting options play a crucial role in enhancing the user-friendliness of chatbots by presenting data in a flexible and easy-to-understand manner. Floatchat understands the importance of formatting and provides organizations with the ability to customize formatting options according to their specific needs.

2. Availability #

To access the formatting options, navigate to “Configure” -> “Advanced” -> “Formatting” in the Floatchat platform.

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3. Functioning #

Identifier: The identifier allows you to provide a name for the chosen formatting option, making it easy to recognize and differentiate between different formats.

Floatchat supports three types of formats for formatting:

3.1 Number #

Digit Grouping: Specify the number of digits contained between each separator for all digit groups. For example, you can choose to group them as 12,12,121 or 123,123,123 or 123456789.

Grouping Selector: Choose the character used to separate the groups of digits in numbers.

3.2 Time #

Format: Select the desired time format to be used, such as 12-hour format or 24-hour format.

Add preceding zero: Enabling this option will add a leading zero to the hour time when the value is single. For example, 8:32 becomes 08:32.

Include Seconds: Enabling this option adds the second column to the time format as well.

3.3 Date #

Depending on the selected style, you will be provided with the following options to configure:

3.3.1 Short #

Date Separator: Choose between slash, hyphen, space, or period as the separator for the date components.

Component Order: Specify the order of the date components, such as Date, Month, and Year.

Year Format: Choose between YY or YYYY as the format for the year.

3.3.2 Long #

This option provides six pre-defined templates that you can use for date formatting.

Preview Option: The preview option allows you to see how the data will be presented and modified with the applied formatting changes.


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