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Creating your first bot


1. Introduction #

To create your first bot, simply click on “Create your first bot” after registering or logging in to Floatchat. You will be guided through a short wizard that will help you create your bot.

Creating your first bot

2. Bot creation #

2.1. By clicking on the “Create your first bot” button, a modal box called “Create bot” will appear. Enter a name for your bot and click on “Create bot.”

Creating your first bot

2.2. In the next step, you will see various templates for user journeys. Choose one to start creating your bot. If you’re unsure or prefer to begin with a blank canvas, select “Blank Bot Canvas”  and click on “Create Bot”  to finalize the bot creation.

Creating your first bot

3. Customize your bot #

Once your bot has been created, you will be taken to the Bot Overview page, which provides guidance on the next steps. Follow these remaining steps:

  • Building conversational flows: Click on “Build conversational flows” or go to the “Build” section in the left navigation menu to customize or create user journeys as paths.
  • Training the bot: Go to the “Train” section in the left navigation menu to add FAQs, entities, and documents for cognitive search. Your bot will use this knowledge to respond to incoming user inquiries.
  • Deploying the bot: Build your bot once and deploy it across 15+ channels using a simple deployment process. Navigate to “Configure” > “Deployment” to deploy your bot.
Creating your first bot
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