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Introduction #

We have introduced a new feature that simplifies the process of adding products from your Facebook Commerce Manager to your Floatchat WhatsApp Commerce account. Our goal is to make it effortless for you to manage your inventory and provide a seamless shopping experience to your customers on WhatsApp.


For Platform Accounts: #

To access your Facebook Commerce Manager account, log in and navigate to the Catalog section on the left-hand side of the screen. From there, select the Sets option to view your current sets and create new ones.


Creating a new set on Facebook Commerce Manager: #

  1. a) Click on the ‘Create set’ button located in the top right corner of the page.
  2. b) You can manually add individual products to the set or use filters to select products based on specific criteria. For detailed steps, refer to the Facebook Commerce Manager page.

Logging in to your Floatchat account: #

  1. a) Log in to your account and configure the WhatsApp bot from the deployment section.
  2. b) Once the bot is configured on WhatsApp and Commerce is enabled, you will see a section named ‘Commerce’.

Accessing the ‘Commerce’ section: #

  1. a) In the ‘Commerce’ section, you will find an accordion for selecting collections. The sets you created on the Facebook Commerce Manager will be displayed here as ‘collections’.
  2. b) You can select and display up to 10 collections at a time.
  3. c) If you update the sets on your Facebook Commerce Manager, click on the ‘Refresh Collections’ button to reflect those changes on your Floatchat account.
  4. d) The collections can be displayed in two formats: Options (SMO format) or Carousel (with product images and buttons).
  5. e) Once the collections are configured, click on ‘Save Changes’.

Configuring in the ‘Bot Builder’ section: #

  1. a) WhatsApp Commerce Node (Display Collections): #

– Go to the ‘WhatsApp Commerce’ node in the Integrations section.

– Select the ‘Display Collections’ action from the dropdown menu.

– Enter the message you want to display before your collection in the Display Message field.

– Enter an object type attribute or use the default attribute “{{commerce.display_product}}” in the Product List field. This attribute will store the collection selected by the user on WhatsApp.

– Provide a default message in the No Collections field for cases when there are no collections to display.

  1. b) WhatsApp Commerce Node (Display Products): #

– Add a new ‘WhatsApp Commerce’ node and select the action as ‘Display Products’.

– Enter the same attribute used in the Product List field of the WhatsApp Commerce (Display Collections) node. This will display the collection containing the products selected by the user.

Note: Connect these nodes in the same order as displayed above.

For Shopify Accounts: #

Follow the steps mentioned “here” to add your Shopify products to the Facebook Commerce Manager account. Once the products are synced with your FB Commerce Manager account, follow the same steps mentioned above to set up collections in your Floatchat WhatsApp account.

This is how the flow appears to the end user:

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