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C2E Bridge

Cloud to Enterprise Adaptor for Floatchat #

The Cloud to Enterprise Bridge (C2E Bridge) is a solution designed to facilitate integration with on-premise systems. This solution is installed on the customer’s own on-premise infrastructure and acts as a mediator for integration calls between the Floatchat cloud infrastructure and the on-premise systems.

Installation #

To deploy the C2E module, the following hardware requirements must be met:

– Operating System: RHEL 7

– RAM: 4 GB

– Storage: 40 GB

– CPU: 4 vCPUs

A detailed installation document will be provided, guiding you through the installation process and explaining how to use the installer to set up the C2E module on your specific on-premise infrastructure.


License Setup #

The integration workflow includes a new section specifically for managing the license of the C2E Bridge. When creating a license from this workflow, a license ID and a license secret will be generated. These will be used during the installation steps for the C2E Bridge. Licenses can be revoked or regenerated from within this workflow. Additionally, this section provides information about the last synchronization time with the C2E module and any network or communication errors.



Usage #

To leverage the C2E Bridge for on-premise system integrations, the JSON API Node has been enhanced to support C2E integration schematics. This enhancement allows you to maintain the simplicity and configuration of the JSON API Node while extending its capabilities to on-premise systems. The C2E Bridge options will be similar to other JSON API constructs, including parameters, headers, authentication, and error handling. By invoking a service on the C2E Bridge and providing the relevant information, you can complete the integration with your on-premise systems. The C2E Bridge module also offers features for monitoring application status and logs.


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