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Auto Translation

1.Introduction #

To provide a seamless customer experience, it’s important to enable users and agents to communicate in their preferred language, especially when language barriers exist. The auto translation feature in Floatchat facilitates real-time communication in multiple languages, resulting in faster customer service, improved satisfaction, and increased revenue for businesses.

2.Availability #

The auto translation feature is available for customers with the Enterprise plan and above in Floatchat. It can be utilized in the following scenarios:

– OneView Inbox: Messages from various channels can be automatically translated, providing a unified view for agents.

– Translate chatbot messages: Chatbot responses can be automatically translated, enhancing user-agent interaction.

3.Setting up Google Suite Account #

To create an API Key for the Google Project and integrate it with Floatchat, follow these steps:

– Prerequisites: Ensure that Google Translate is enabled in the Dashboard section of APIs & Services in your Google Suite account.

Step 1: Access the Credentials workflow in the APIs & Services menu of your Google Suite account.

Step 2: Click on the Create Credentials button located at the top bar.

Step 3: Select the API Key option from the Create Credentials menu.

Step 4: Copy the generated API Key and enter it in the Floatchat Integration account section.

Engati API

4.Setting up Floatchat Account #

To enable auto translation in Floatchat, navigate to the Integrations section and select Google Translate. Provide an account name and the API key obtained from Google Cloud Translate services.


5.Using Google Translate for Your Chatbot #

– Go to the Configure section and select Languages in Floatchat.



– Enable the auto-translation feature under Configure > Languages.

Floatchat for WooCommerce - Onboarding and Deployment

– This enables automatic translation for all additional languages added to your chatbot in Floatchat.

6.Using Google Translate for OneView Inbox #

6.1 Enabling and Setting Preferred Language #

– Enable auto translation by checking the “Allow Auto Translation” option under Configure > Live Chat > Chat Settings in Floatchat.


– Set the preferred language by accessing “Region Settings” under “Account Settings” in Floatchat and selecting the desired language.


6.2 Using Auto Translation in OneView #

– Agents using the OneView interface in Floatchat will see a panel above the respond box indicating the “to” -> “from” language.

– The panel includes a toggle button to enable or disable auto translation.

– Make sure the toggle is ON for seamless auto translation functionality in Floatchat.

Live Chat Setting

– If auto translation fails, the toggle will switch OFF and display an “Auto Translation Failed!” message. Agents cannot toggle it ON in this state.

To learn more about Prompts, check out the documentation here. (1)

– Once the auto translation service is restored, the “to” -> “from” message will be displayed again in Floatchat, allowing agents to switch the toggle back ON.

– Users will see agent and bot messages in their selected or default language in Floatchat.

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