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1. Introduction

When an agent or supervisor picks up a chat from the New section, they will be redirected to the Floatchat tab where they can start chatting with the end-user.

1.1 Availability:

The Floatchat tab is available to agents and supervisors within the Messages section.

2. Floatchat: #

Agents and supervisors can engage in conversations with users from the Active tab. They will only see the chats they are responding to. Agents can reply by typing messages in the “Respond” section, utilizing various options available.

  1. Adding response from FAQs: Agents can search the FAQs added in the Smart Response section and reply to the user accordingly. They can search using the user query by clicking on the vertical ellipsis and selecting “Get Smart Responses”.
  2. Quick replies: Agents can use the quick shortcut ‘/’ to search or add quick replies in the message response box. Adding headers with descriptions to quick replies can provide better clarity (available under Configure > Live Chat > Add Quick Reply).
  3. Emojis and attachments: Agents can add emojis to their replies to make the conversation more interactive. They can also send images and files to the end user, which will be delivered as URLs for user access.
  4. Quoting responses: Quoting responses from end-users is available for web only. Agents can quote specific responses from the end-users and reply back.

3. Filters:  #

Agents can sort or filter the chats they are responding to by clicking on the icon next to the Availability toggle. They can sort messages by ascending (oldest first) or descending (latest first) based on the Start Time. The default sorting mechanism is Start Time – Descend (latest first). Agents and supervisors can also filter messages by channel and search users using the search users tab.

4. Chat Resolution: #

4.1 Switch to Bot: #

Agents can switch the messages to the bot and select a path to redirect the user.

4.2 Transfer to Agent: #

Agents can transfer chats to other agents of the same category. They can see the list of online and offline agents and assign the chat accordingly. They can also assign the chat to a specific category, choosing between auto-assign or directing it to a particular agent within that category.

4.3 Pending resolution: #

If additional information is required from the end user, agents can mark the chat as pending resolution. A visible orange exclamation icon will indicate a pending chat. Once the chat is marked as resolved, it will be visible in the All Chats section.

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