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Floatchat- User Guid

Account Setup

1. Access

1.1 Owners and Supervisors have the ability to enable specific applications for all users (Owners, Supervisors, and Agents) to use. This can be done from the Integration section.

1.2 Applications can also be incorporated into the chatbot flow by navigating to Automate and using the necessary Application Node in the bot flow. More information about the Integration Node can be found there.

2. Enable Live Chat for Agents

2.1 Owners or Supervisors can access the ‘Integrations’ feature from the top right corner or the Integration tab in the left side navigation bar.


2.2 Owners or Supervisors can enable the option to ‘Allow Agents to configure their own accounts.’

2.3 This option grants Agents access to set up their own accounts in the ‘Integration’ section.

3. Setup Accounts #

3.1 Owners and Supervisors:

3.1.1 Owners and Supervisors can go to the ‘Integration’ page and click on ‘Add Account’ to create a new account.

3.1.2 They can use existing accounts and mark them as the default choice by clicking on the three-dot icon next to the account and selecting ‘Mark as Default.’

3.1.3 The default account will be used whenever the Owner or Supervisor wants to access and perform actions on the integrated application from the Respond Box on the Conversations page.

3.1.4 Owners and Supervisors will also be able to view Agent Accounts and delete them if needed.

3.2 Agents #

3.2.1 Once an application is enabled for Agents, they can see it in the Integration icon.

3.2.2 Agents can click on the specific integration and then choose to ‘Go To Integration’ or simply click on ‘Integration.’

3.2.3 Agents can click on ‘Add Account’ to integrate their own account, which will be used for the integrated application.

3.2.4 Agents can integrate only one account.

Supported Applications for Live Chat:

Currently, the following applications are supported for Live Chat conversations with all Agents:

  1. Freshdesk
  2. Zendesk
  3. Salesforce

Please note that the content has been rephrased for Floatchat.

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